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"This has been one of the best investments in my business. I feel like Elizabeth is just as invested in my site's success as I am!"

— Leia, Mental Health Counselor

“My favorite part about my website is it looks like a custom website & brand that I spent thousands of dollars on ... even though it's a template.”

— Stephanie, Educator 

"Now I rank on the front page of Google in my area! Overall, I couldn’t recommend Elizabeth enough! Her templates are SO worth the investment!"

— Grace, Photographer

"I do a lot of homework before jumping into anything, and EM Shop is a clear front runner to anyone and everyone looking to start up or upgrade their website."

— Katie, Wedding Planner

Full Showit Website Templates

Payment plans starting at $247

Give your website a major glow-up with one of these personality-filled, strategic website templates that you can easily customize with your visual branding elements. This is what you need when you’re looking for that “looks like you spent $5k+ on a custom website, with a fraction of the investment” (those are Valerie M’s words!) kind of template. 

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*NEW* Claire is a sophisticated, charming, and fun Showit template and blog. Claire has a feminine, yet muted color palette with welcoming typography. Claire is perfect for consultants, VAs, OMBs, bloggers, coaches, and other service business owners. 


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*NEW* Kacie is a bubbly, energetic, and colorful Showit template and blog. It's our most extensive template yet, including 22 pages like a Podcast Page, YouTube Page, and Course Hub. Kacie is perfect for course creators, podcast hosts, membership sites, and coaches.


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Kate is a fun, high-impact, clean Showit template and blog that's perfect for coaches, fitness pros, course creators, and service-based businesses like social media managers. It's highly adaptable for your business type, and great to strategically show off your offers. 


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Taylor is a high-end, refined, and elegant Showit template and blog. Taylor is great for showing off your portfolio as a photographer, videographer, or designer. You'll love the classic romantic vibes and cool photo frames.


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The award-winning Gabby template is a fun, high-impact, and layered Showit template and blog (with Podcast upgrade option) featuring clean lines and dynamic layouts. It's great for strategically showing off your service-based or digital course business.


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The best-selling Jena template is a colorful, bold, and playful Showit template and blog (with an optional Podcast Kit upgrade). This bright and fresh site is perfect for the creative entrepreneur and personal brand business.


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The sleek & sophisticated Carrie template was built with professionals in mind who want a stylish, editorial style website. With bold typography and a dark color palette, Carrie is perfect for business owners who want a polished, unique look.


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Nicole is a feminine, fresh, and fun Showit template and blog for photographers, educators, coaches, and a variety of service-based businesses or course creators. 


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Catherine is a sleek, editorial Showit template and blog with clean lines and timeless typography. Catherine is perfect for businesses like realtors, designers, restaurants, and photographers.


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Sophie is a Showit website template and blog for the biz owner who wants bold, bright, and fun. Sophie is minimal, while being plenty playful and versatile for your unique business. 


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Light, cool, and feminine — Liane is a Showit template and blog for coaches, course creators, and creative service-based businesses. This template combines fun with elegance for a stand out site.


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The sleek, neutral-toned Elle Showit template and blog is easy to customize, and created with professionals in mind. The simple, but impactful design + neutral palette will make an excellent first impression for your business. 


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The strikingly beautiful and natural Olivia Showit template and blog is perfect for photographers, videographers, interior designers, and any business who wants to show off bold photos.  


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Quirky, bold, and bright — The Maggie Showit template and blog is the perfect fit for bloggers, social media managers, course creators, senior photographers, and any biz wanting this fun and flexible look.


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The best-selling Alice template is romantic, timeless, and sophisticated. This Showit template and blog is perfect for showcasing high-impact photos/videos strategically and is easy to customize to make a strong impression for your brand.


Add on pages for any template

Payment plan starting at $57

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What if you could upgrade your website without starting over from scratch? Maybe you have a website template you love, a totally custom site, or you’re just not looking to take on a huge project… but you know you could be doing more with your current site. These Add On Templates for Showit are here to help and can easily to added to any Showit website for a major upgrade!

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$147 — This 7-page add-on template has quite literally everything you need to create and promote your quiz, building your email list with ease and driving major traffic to your site, services, or shop.

Showit Quiz Results Template

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$297 — This 4-page template is your key to pitching yourself like a pro and getting booked for everything from podcasts to summits, conference speaking, YouTube shows, magazine features, news channels, and more. Also includes a Media Kit for after you've been booked!

Showit Speaker Template

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$97 — A 19-page add on template complete with 10 landing page designs for growing your email list, 3 thank you pages, 2 unsubscribe confirmation pages, and 3 pop up canvases. Add it to any Showit template and sky rocket your email list!

Showit Landing Page Bundle 

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$397 — Bundle the Speaker Template, Quiz Template and Landing Page Bundle for just $397 to save!

Get all 3 add ons and save!

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$57 — A Canva Workbook Template to make creating your next effective lead magnet or can’t miss downloadable resource easy and quicker than ever.

Canva Workbook Template

Showit Sales Pages

Payment plans starting at $107

Sell out your offer without the tech-tears or overwhelm. This is the strategic Showit template you need to sell your next brilliant course, group program, membership, or digital offer. Forget spending months trying to put together your sales page – this template helps you stand out and show off in a few days! With 30+ sections and copy prompts throughout, you're set up to show-off and sell-out your offer. 

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polished, lively, bold design

Gabby Sales Page for Showit

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Bubbly, friendly, stylish

Kacie Sales Page for Showit

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sophisticated, modern, minimal design

Elle Sales Page for Showit

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sophisticated, charming, fun

Claire Sales Page for Showit

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fun, high impact, clean design

Kate Sales Page for Showit

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stylish, elegant, refined design

Taylor Sales Page for Showit

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bubbly, bold, playful design

Jena Sales Page for Showit

Showit Podcast Templates

Payment plans starting at $187

These podcast-specific templates are built for podcasters, by a podcaster (hey, that’s me, Elizabeth. Host of the Breakthrough Brand Podcast!). Every detail you need to share about your podcast, book guests, put together a killer media kit, and grow your show is built into these sleek, strategic, and oh-so-pretty podcast templates. 

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The Jena Podcast Kit is a bubbly, feminine Showit template with the pages you need to share your incredible podcast. You can easily customize it with YOUR podcast's brand and vibes or add it to your Jena template to match!

Jena Podcast Kit

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The Gabby Podcast Kit is a fun, high-impact, and layered Showit template with pages to show-off your incredible podcast. The clean lines and layered design make it super easy to customize with your podcast's unique vibes.

Gabby Podcast Kit

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Our best selling template of all time — Jena is playful, bright & easy to customize for your unique brand.

Jena Template

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This $97 Add-On is the perfect way to up level your website without a complete overhaul.

Landing Page Bundle

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This August 2023 release is sophisticated, feminine, and charming. It's built to show off your projects as a service pro.

Claire Template

Shop the Bestsellers and latest shop additions– Over 400 customers have used these templates to turn their website from boring to brilliant… so you really can’t go wrong.

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"Not only does it ooze personality, but it’s functional from a marketing perspective. I’ve worked along side a lot of web designers in the past and the issue is they make sites pretty but don’t understand the purpose from a marketing perspective. However, Elizabeth is an expert in both she has really nailed a beautifully looking template/site combined with a functional site that will help with getting new clients/leads. I feel so excited to share my new site with the world! Also, the addition of getting access to the free training was invaluable. Thank you Elizabeth!" - Sandy B.

"If you have any doubts if these template are for you, do it! I was on the brink of going to a competitor site & am so glad I found the EM shop! The template is so easy to use and implement and it makes it look like you’ve spent thousands on your site."

"I LOVE EM Shop! I purchased 2 templates, and both were SO easy to use and completely customizable which is a HUGE piece for me." — Tatiana M.

"I truly feel supported and I absolutely love my website! Thank you so much for creating such a premium product at an affordable cost to help women have the freedom to just start!"

"I thought long and hard about making this investment for my website and business. At first, it seemed like a headache to switch website providers and create a whole new website. My old site worked just fine, so I asked myself "why bother?" 
Little did I know, changing my website and using an EM template would up-level my game in so many ways." - Lauren M.

 "I truly think this has been one of the best investments I've made so far for myself and my business. I feel so empowered and excited for what's to come!"

"I can't say enough, I love all of the templates but especially mine! I love that you go through in so much detail how to use all of the features of Showit, and how to make your templates work for everyone! I love that it was easy and stress free! Everything is there, you make it so easy to create an amazing website without the headache." - Christine M.

"Your templates are beautiful, and I'm not going to lie the price scared me....But then you sent everything over, and the money didn't matter! You supplied me with all the tools I needed to build the site of my dreams, and all my clients love it!"

"One of my personal goals is to photograph a certain number of branding sessions per month and I am finally hitting that number thanks to how well my website is ranking and thanks to how well Elizabeth educated me (as a user) on how to better optimize my new template." - Dolly D.

"I absolutely love my new EM template and I am so excited to see how my business is going to grow in the next several years now that I have a more polished look for my website!" 

"I am truly impressed with the EM Shop. The entire experience, from the video tutorials to the customer support have all been professional and timely. There is literally a video for every situation that you may run into when putting together your site. I highly recommend Showit and EM Shop for those who don’t consider themselves to be techy." — Tavenesha S.

"I am truly impressed with the EM Shop. The entire experience, from the video tutorials to the customer support have all been professional and timely."

"My website before EM Shop was just okay. It was getting the job done, but it wasn't special. Now, I feel like my website really has the WOW factor when people land on it. So many people have complimented me on my new website, and I feel so much more confident in sharing my website to potential clients!" — Emily K.

"So many people have complimented me on my new website, and I feel so much more confident in sharing my website to potential clients!"

"Not only are her templates beautiful and fully customizable to you and your business, but they convert! She gives you all of the tools and support that you need and she really cares about your business and how her templates can help transform it.” — Brittany K.

“If you are thinking about purchasing a template from Elizabeth, I would highly recommend it!"

"I was a 10 year Wordpress user with Prophoto Blogs. I never felt very comfortable making any meaningful changes to the site because it just wasn't intuitive.  When I finally decided to make the change to Showit and purchase Elizabeth's Jena template, I became empowered! Between the user-friendliness of Showit and Elizabeth's AMAZING course, I got EXACTLY what I wanted and now I'm over the moon!" — Angela B.

"All in all, I only regret that I didn't make the change and the investment a year ago!!"

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This is the fun part! The Showit Blueprint Course shows you how to easily change the colors and fonts to match your custom branding, and I take you step-by-step through customizing each section.

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this couldn't be easier.

- Lupe P., customer

“I was on the fence about buying a template because I really had absolutely NO IDEA on how to build a website and because I had never heard of Showit. However, Elizabeth has EXCEEDED all of my expectations. It has been so easy! I have had no issues editing and customizing because it is so intuitive to use. I can honestly say that I am proud of my website and that it was a smooth process."

I’m not tech-savvy. Will I be able to make simple changes to my template on my own?

You've got questions & our customers have answers.

but what about...

- Ellen W., customer

"Elizabeth does not skimp on the templates. It literally checked every single box of my needs without requiring additional upgrades and add-ons, which I greatly appreciated. I have no formal design or website building experience, but the Blueprint course gives you every single bit of information you need to create the website of your dreams."

- Sara W., customer

"The customer service at EM Shop is AMAZING. You can really tell Elizabeth and the team know how to treat customers. The education that came with the template was FABULOUS. I mean, tons and tons of courses and information on how to set up my site. Months after purchasing my template, I had a tech issue and Elizabeth worked incredibly hard - and fast - at solving the issue. I literally feel proud to be an EM Shop customer!"

- Leith H., customer

"From start to finish I've been impressed with my experience in using Em Shop. Not only are the templates beautiful and functional, the after sales support has been fantastic! The extensive videos really helped me to be able to make the site the best it could be. And when I did get stuck, despite being in a completely different time zone, I received prompt and helpful advice. You could say I'm a raving fan!"

What if I have a question or need help after I’ve bought my template?

- Sara H., customer

"It's the easiest template I've had to work with. I've literally just changed fonts, colors, words, and pictures. I haven't had to move anything around at all. I LOVE that the template tells me what to put in each section. Because of that, I've been able to complete my site quickly with it looking like I hired a designer and all my clients' questions are answered."

- Emily H., customer

"I LOVE how professional my new website looks compared to my last one (which I DIY'd). Customization was so straightforward, and it was so easy to implement my new brand into my EM template! All of the different block options made it so easy to customize my site. It only takes me a few minutes to add a new page, where with my old website, it used to take me days. I've gotten so many compliments on my new website, too!"

I’m pretty good at tech stuff myself. Do I really need a template if I can just do it myself?

- Morea T., customer

"I love how easy these templates are to use. Not only does it offer great design but it has so many creative ideas within the template to really help showcase your true personality through your website. Thank you Elizabeth for creating such incredible designs at an affordable price. You have helped me take my business to the next level!"

- Emily C., customer

"I absolutely love how strategically the template is designed. As a copywriter, it's my job to write effective words that connect with a viewer, and my job was SO much easier thanks to the intentional and thoughtful way my entire site was designed. The template encourages you to show off your unique personality on every page and makes it easy for anyone to elevate their brand."

If I buy a template, won’t my website look just like everyone else’s?

And look how simple it is to make changes on Showit! Is your current website this easy to edit? 

When we say you can customize everything… we mean everything.

A Note from Your  Designer

Hey! I’m Elizabeth McCravy. I built each of these gorgeous, strategic Showit templates with a lotta love and even more experience. I was named Showiteer of the Year in 2019 and I’ve helped over 1,500 business owners elevate their business and stand out online with a website template they love.

Each template is crafted with the marketing strategy, brand awareness, and sales skills I’ve developed over the past 8+ years of running my own multi-six-figure business and designing custom websites for successful small business owners. 

When you invest in an Elizabeth McCravy Template, you’re getting everything you need to show off your value and turn your website visitors into raving fans. Our customers are obsessed with how custom and professional their website looks after buying their template, and I know you will be too! 

of the year 2019

My Showit website templates are designed to be the best Showit designs available for creative business owners and other entrepreneurs.  These easy Showit website templates have been used to create gorgeous websites for photographers, coaches, bloggers, interior designers, wedding pros, wedding planners, event planners, fitness instructors, personal trainers, copywriters, virtual assistants, stylists, podcasters, personal brands, and other ecommerce and service businesses.  Hundreds of past customers agree: these templates combined with my free, included Showit course (just for buyers!) are the easiest-to-use and most customizable experience you can have with a Showit template.  You will feel supported and finally empowered to create a website that shows your personality and expertise.  With Showit and the way I set up my designs, there are no limitations and no rules for your website!  Choose a Showit website template from EM Shop and make it exactly what you have been imagining.  And if you need support along the way, me and my amazing support team are always here for you.

More about my Showit Website Templates for Creatives & Entrepreneurs


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