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Meet the template bundle that helps you better pitch yourself as an event speaker or podcast guest. You can customize your speaker page and media kit and add to any Showit website.

The add on template to help you book more speaking & podcast gigs

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This 4-page template is your key to pitching yourself like a pro and getting booked for everything from podcasts to summits, conference speaking, YouTube shows, magazine features, news channels, and more. 

Not only do you get two totally different Speaker Pages to mix and match to fit your needs, brand, and personality… you also get a media page (a must-have professional touch for after you’re booked) and an entire page of “extra” canvases so you can create a custom look and feel without reinventing the wheel.

Plus, the Speaker Add On Template was designed with considerable feedback and input from noted speaker, speaking coaching, and event host, Laylee Emadi. It’s not just a pretty design – it’s specifically created to stand out and get you noticed and booked!

Not sure how to set this up? You're getting 3 tutorial trainings specifically for this template where I'll walk you through getting everything set up in less than 45 minutes.

* The sky's the limit! Add to your Showit library, then you can add the pages (as you need them) to ANY Showit website. Doesn’t matter who designed your main template, this can be added to it. 

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You're getting 2 different Speaker Page options, a Media Kit Page, and an entire page of extras to make it exactly what you need.

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— Laylee Emadi

"The Speaker Template is perfect for anyone who wants to grow as a speaker, gain visibility through taking stages whether virtual, podcast, or in person! As a coach for Speakers, a podcast and conference host, and a Speaker myself, I can say with full confidence this template is extremely valuable!"

This Showit Add-On template for Speakers is designed for people who want to grow as a speaker or podcast guest. The Showit template includes speaking pitch pages and a Media Page (also known as a Media Kit) designed to help you create a totally customized pitch-set up for growing as a speaker. This is a completely customizable template that can be added to any Showit website. The Speaking Template is designed for coaches, podcasters, bloggers, influencers, event hosts, course creators, authors, and really anyone who is wanting to gain visibility through stages! You'll also receive Showit tutorials on this specific template, showing you how to customize your speaker pages in under an hour. Buy the Showit Speaker Template now!

Showit Template for Speakers - Add On