This comprehensive course has everything you need to start, scale, and streamline your podcast like a pro.

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Yes, you’ll learn how to name your podcast and get it distributed. And while this is where most courses stop…

We’re just getting started!

These 9 modules teach you how to turn your podcast into the most powerful marketing tool in your business while saving you time, repurposing your hard work, increasing your impact, and making you more money. 

What could be better than that?!

But Podcast Success Blueprint is different.

Most podcast courses out there only scratch the surface…

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Yes, this course is closed, BUT you can keep on reading for more insight into what you'll learn when it reopens!

Who am I to start a podcast?

Why would anyone care what I have to say?

But beyond that doubt is the truth – Your people want to hear from YOU. They want your opinions, advice, insights, and stories. And a podcast is the perfect way to connect with them. 

I’m creating this course to empower you with the confidence and equip you with the skills + strategies you need to start, scale, and streamline your podcast. 

Your Voice is Valuable

The imposter syndrome is REAL.

Podcast Success Blueprint is perfect for you if you want to...

Podcast Success Blueprint is perfect for you if you want to...

Start a Podcast

You know you’ve got a knack for podcasting (or you’re at least kinda considering it), but you don’t know where to start. Yes, you want to learn the basics, but then you want to take it beyond the “naming and launching” phase to turn this into a sustainable, effective marketing tool. 

Consistently Produce 
Engaging Content

You know you need to keep the awesome episodes coming… but you’re also running a business, so this can’t take forever. You want to create solo shows people love listening to (no more reading straight from a script!) and setup guest interviews that get played alllll the way through. 

Make Money

You’ve heard podcasting is a great revenue source… but where is that money supposed to come from?! You don’t want to rely on big-name sponsors (who require big download numbers) just to make a dime. You’ve got great products or services, and you want your podcast to help you sell YOUR stuff. 

Attract More Subscribers

If you’re going to put the time and energy into this podcasting thing, you want to make sure you can attract new subscribers and grow your audience! You want to know how to tie your episodes into intentional sales funnels that turn subscribers into buyers. And you want to know how to do it all on repeat without wasting time you don’t have! 

Master All the Tech

You know you need a mic, but that’s about it! You want to know how to get the best sound quality, what tools to buy, what editing program to use, how to make your podcast available to different platforms… all the tech things! I’m not just sharing general recommendations you could Google. I’m sharingg *literally* every tool and product I use – and why I trust the tools I do. 

Save Time with 
Systems + SOPs

You’re wondering if it’s possible to be consistent with a podcast because WHOA there’s a lot to do! You want to learn how to save time, automate the process, and create a sustainable podcasting system that actually works for you. 

(If this is your priority, you’ll want to check out the incredible Notion and Canva templates available to add on when you join!) 

Podcasting is HARD.

So many podcasters have big dreams and great intentions, only to get in over their heads and give up 10 episodes in! 

I’ve learned how to create systems, automate tasks, make real money, and streamline all the things that go into making a podcast so you can consistently create engaging, effective episodes that move the needle in your business. 

→ Made me a more confident business owner

→ Helped me become the #1 affiliate for 3 top software companies

→ Generated over $280,000 in affiliate revenue in just the last 3 years

→ Consistently been my number one lead source in my business

→ Landed me on the first page of Google search results for tons of my desired search terms

→ Introduced me to some incredible business owners and made important connections

→ Given me the opportunity to speak on more stages and guest on some pretty big shows

I’m a teacher at heart, so I’m always looking for the best ways to share what I’ve learned with my community. This course has been on my heart and in my head for a long time… and I’m thrilled to finally welcome potential, new, and experienced podcasters into Podcast Success Blueprint! 

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! 

Why should you learn from me? 

Podcasting has changed my business and my life in so many ways.

My show – The Breakthrough Brand Podcast  isn’t in the #1 business podcast… but it has:

Podcast Success Blueprint gives you everything you need to become a confident, effective podcaster!

You can grow your audience and make more money with a podcast… 

You just have to do it the right way.

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