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what makes showit unique

You don’t have to use HTML, CSS, Java or ANY code. EVER. 

You get amazing support right at your fingertips from real humans.  

You can actually customize everything you see. 

Most website builders don’t actually give you control over what the mobile website looks like. With Showit, you can customize the mobile website to be unique from the desktop version. 

Showit integrates with WordPress for blogging, so you can have power and flexibility of WordPress with the design freedom of Showit. 

Many website builders have standardized functionality, so you can definitely tell what it was built on. Showit let’s you make a site that’s totally unique to you. 

Which Showit template should you get? Meet your template match with EM Shop!

EM Shop (by Elizabeth McCravy) is a collection of customizable Showit website templates that are strategically-designed, super fun, and created to help you book more clients.  

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You get a TRAINING COURSE, The Showit Blueprint, to teach you exactly how to set everything up quickly & with ease. (Exclusive to EM Shop)


DESIGNED BY a Showit Design Partner, who was named one of the top 15 designers using Showit. Elizabeth was also awarded Showiteer of the Year in 2019.


The designs aren't just pretty, they are marketing-minded, meaning there's strategy in EVERY design decision you see.


My full site templates come with 12+ pages! Everything you need is right there. No missing pieces or upcharges.



See what editing is like with Showit + EM Shop!

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Find out what your style is and which website template is your perfect match! Plus, you'll receive an extra special gift with purchase and a discount on your EM Shop template!

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Other Helpful Showit Resources:

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Meet the webpage that is your "ultimate guide to Showit" — get your questions answered in a non-techy, non-website designer language. Learn the benefits of using Showit and exactly how to get started with your Showit website.

Get the Scoop — Everything You Need to Know About Showit!

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Want to learn exactly how to set up your Showit website? Then you need the EM Shop Showit Blueprint Course. This online course takes you step by step through the set up process to make everything as EASY as possible!

Learn how to use Showit with The Showit Blueprint Course!



Showit isn't just for photographers and wedding pros. It's for coaches, consultants, podcasters, virtual assistants... you name it! I've worked with many life coaches over the years, and this blog post showcases some gorgeous sites to get you inspired. 

See Example Sites - 10 Gorgeous Showit Templates for Life Coaches



Listen to these podcast episodes and find out if Showit is the right website builder for your photography business. 

Should you switch to Showit? 


Wix and Showit have similar user bases, but the softwares are VERY different. Showit is truly drag-and-drop + excellent for SEO. Learn the major differences between Wix and Showit! 

Wix vs. Showit


Learn the main differences between Squarespace and Showit PLUS if you're planning to switch from Squarespace to Showit, you'll learn how to seamlessly make the transition.

Squarespace vs. Showit


Fun Fact: When you use Showit, you actually use WordPress too! However, these two website builders are VERY different, and how they work together can get confusing.

WordPress vs. Showit

Showit has 3 different plan options — no blog, with a basic blog, and "advanced blog". If you know you won't be blogging (or at least not yet), then no blog is your pick. If you'll be blogging some, but you don't feel like you need anything fancy, then basic blog is perfect for you. If you want the full functionality of WordPress plugins with your Showit blog, then advanced blog is great! Advanced Blog is what I use and recommend for podcasters, YouTubers, or others who are frequently blogging. You can always change your plan at any time! 

How does Showit's pricing works?

In addition to the 10% you'll save on your Showit subscription, you'll get 15% off any EM Shop template. Talk about some serious savings, right?! To get both discount codes sent straight to your inbox, click here.

What's the discount you're offering on your EM Shop templates?

Showit Pricing FAQ

You'll save 10% off of your first month OR first year of Showit! The code applies to ANY of the 3 subscription levels. Showit doesn't offer any discounts that lock in a specific lifetime rate!

How does your Showit discount code work? How much will I save?

Showit offers a no-commitment, 14-day free trial! In addition to that, you can demo the software without signing up for ANYTHING here. With the 14-day free trial, you can go ahead and start customizing your website template, then once the 14 days are up, you'll need to add your credit card info and your coupon code to get started! The trial does not require a credit card to get started with, and you won't be charged unless you officially sign up.

How does the free trial of Showit work?

The first step is to buy an EM Shop template. After that, the Showit training course I provide tells you what to do next. Once you have your template, you can start a 14-day free trial of Showit, and set things up! Once your trial is up, you'll enter your credit card info and 10% off code. Once your website is ready to go live, you connect it to a domain name and you're ready to crush it in your business!

Ok, I'm ready! What are my next steps?

Showit's pricing super comparable to Wix and Squarespace. For the same "level" package, Squarespace is $26/month and Showit is $29/month... so basically, the same! For the same package, Wix is $23/month. Making Showit only $3 more per month. Trust me... the small price increase is worth it. 

How is Showit's pricing different from Squarespace and Wix?

it's ease to use!

get started with my Showit website?

what do I need to

You need a website template!

Shop EM Shop templates here. They're easy to use, super strategic, and personality-packed.


You need a Showit subscription.

This will come AFTER you purchase your template. Get the 10% off code here. Any hosting fees you’re paying to Squarespace, Wix, Bluehost, HostGator, or GoDaddy will be eliminated. 


You need a domain name.

This is your website’s URL. If you already have a website, then you probably already have this. 


Why I Love Showit (so freaking much)!

I'm Elizabeth McCravy — a website designer, podcaster, educator, and Showit Design Partner! I discovered Showit after designing on WordPress (with lots of headaches). I loved how I could create exactly what I envisioned in my mind for every. single. website. The Showit platform made it easy for me to design beautiful websites AND... it made it easy for my customers to customize their templates and create really successful online businesses. 

Years later, I'm still singing the Showit praises from the roof tops! The Showit staff and support is amazing. The community is like no other. And, of course, you'll be able to have a unique website that is TOTALLY YOU by using Showit. No need for developers (or even a web designer) with a Showit template, you can do it all on your own. 

I've served 850+ customers and clients with websites built on Showit. It truly is the best of the best! 

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