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No tech-tears or coding required. Beautiful & strategic sales page templates so you can sell your course, membership, or program with ease on Showit. 

Take your sales page from meh to money-making magic. 

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Just plug in your sales copy and images, connect payment buttons to your cart software, and you’re ready to start selling! The design is taken care of. Now you can spend the majority of your time on your offer itself — creation, marketing, teaching. Because we all know you didn’t create this thing so that you could spend hours agonizing over the sales page layout.

It’s time we take the stress out of sales pages. Forget the days spent designing your sales page from scratch (or worst… the months spent back and forth with a designer or developer).

Get your sales page launched & selling your offer in days, not months. 

creating your sales page has never been easier or smarter. 

Showit Sales Pages

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Each template comes with the same sections to help you show off and sell out your offer. And, each is the same price. Just pick the design that fits your business best!

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Claire Sales Page for Showit

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bubbly, approachable, cheerful

Kacie Sales Page for Showit

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polished, lively, bold design

Gabby Sales Page for Showit

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fun, high impact, clean design

Kate Sales Page for Showit

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sophisticated, modern, minimal design

Elle Sales Page for Showit

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stylish, elegant, refined design

Taylor Sales Page for Showit

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bubbly, bold, playful design

Jena Sales Page for Showit

— Emily C., copywriter

"You get gorgeous, strategic design and easy-to-implement copy tips, tricks, and formulas – all in one perfect sales page template. Selling just got a whole lot easier!"

"This sales page template is GOLD. Not only do you get every section you could ever need to sell your course or offer, Elizabeth has structured everything to strategically walk your potential client through the buyer's journey, making it so much easier to get a "Heck, yes – sign me up!" The copy support throughout the template is over and beyond anything I've ever seen in a template design."

— Brittany S.

"Truly, the entire experience blew me out of the water..."

"I was blown away by my purchase from EM Shop! I felt taken care of all throughout the process with the loads of information sent along the way after purchasing! Including tutorials on making the website your own, was just fantastic! Truly, the entire experience blew me out of the water and I will recommend the EM Shop to everyone!!"

- Liv D.

"I cannot say enough about the ease and beauty of these templates."

"I have spent years admiring other peoples' websites, and it feels amazing to own a website that I can be proud of and admire as well. I cannot say enough about the ease and beauty of these templates. Thank you so much Elizabeth!"

— Dina G.

"When I saw the Elizabeth McCravy Templates, I was instantly attracted."

"I switched to Showit and to Elizabeth McCravy Shop this year after being with Squarespace for 4 years. I felt I reached the limits of what I could do myself on my site. When I saw EM Shop Templates, I was instantly attracted. You also get so much knowledge from Elizabeth's free resources, podcast and emails. All in all I'm super happy and would recommend."

- Amanda L.

"Elizabeth McCravy Shop template vs old website is night and day."

"It's the easiest template I've worked with. I've literally just changed fonts, colors, words, and pictures. I haven't had to move anything around at all. I LOVE that the template tells me what to put in each section. Because of that, I've been able to complete my site quickly with it looking like I hired a designer. Elizabeth McCravy Shop template vs old website is night and day."


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Easy Payment Options for the Sales Page Templates

payment plans for every budget

The pricing is the same for each sales page template. No matter which payment option you choose, your sales page template will be delivered to you instantly. 


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Flexible 2 Pay Plan

pick my template!

Not much, honestly! To use your template, all you need is a subscription to Showit and a domain name (which is your website address). 

You can purchase a Showit subscription here and get a 10% off coupon code for your subscription here!

What else do I need to use the sales page template?

Each sales page template comes with some alternative layout options for certain sections so you can use what fits your business.

You absolutely don't have to use every section. Anything you don't need, you can simply delete! You'll still have access to it later if you wanted to add it back in.

Are there other layout options? What if I don't need all the sections?

Your sales page template questions - answered.

Yes! If you’re already using Showit, you can add this template to your current site — regardless of if your current site was built with an EM Shop template.

Can I add this template to my current Showit website?

If all you need is a way to sell your course/digital offer, then 100% this can function as your complete website. 

You can also combine this website with another template (from us or someone else) to get additional pages such as an about page or contact page. 

Can the sales page template function as my whole website?

It's easy to link each of the purchase buttons in your template to your cart software, whether that's ThriveCart, Katra, SamCart, or something else entirely. We recommend hosting and processing payments through a course creation platform such as Kajabi, Teachable or Thinkific. 

This way payments and the course login will all happen in the same place. You'll do this by linking up the purchase buttons in the template to a purchase page on your course platform. It's easy!

How will I collect payment money? And where will I host my course itself?

This template works with Showit. But, your course can (and should) be hosted elsewhere. I recommend using your sales page template for your sales page and then hosting your checkout and course on a course platform (such as Kajabi, Teachable, or Thinkific). It's a perfect match!

Can I use this template with Kajabi or Teachable or...?

Let's make you some money, honey.

pick my template!

— Emily H.

"I would recommend EM templates to anyone! They are so professional and the support is incredible."

These Showit sales page templates are designed to help you sell your course, membership, or digital product on Showit without having to use yet ANOTHER software. Our sales page templates have 30+ canvases strategically designed to help you show off and sell out your offer. The Showit sales page templates are easy to customize for your unique offer. You can move things around, delete what you don't need, and totally customize it for your brand. The sales page templates are perfect for course creators, membership site owners, mastermind groups, live events, tiny offers, and group coaching programs. Each of the sales page template has a different overall style, but the same core features that make it absolutely amazing! 

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