Where knockout design meets strategy to create an unforgettable look. 

With a combination of marketing know-how, bold design, and personality galore, you’ll be ready to attract your dream clients. Like, yesterday. 

Because boring websites don't sell. Time to upgrade to a website with personality. 

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It’s time to kick your ugly website to the curb.
(Don’t worry it can’t hear you.) 

Creating your website doesn’t have to make you wanna pull your hair out. It also doesn’t have to cost you your life savings or 8 months of your time. With a combination of marketing know-how, bold design, and personality galore, you’ll be ready to attract your dream clients. Like, yesterday. 

No code or advanced computer science degree required. Because we all know you didn’t start your business so you can spend hours on the internet trying to figure out how the heck to add a contact form to your website.

Simply pick a template, customize it, and hit publish. Pour a glass of champagne and watch as the clients come rolling in. It really is that easy. 

✔ Everything is actually customizable
✔ Knockout design meets strategy to create an unforgettable look
✔ Code free, stress free, and totally limitless
✔  From shop pages to email opt-ins and trainings, everything you need is included. 

Why choose a design from Elizabeth McCravy Shop?

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Is your website this easy to edit?


My current website is ugly… like, really ugly. (Don’t worry it can’t hear us.) 

If you can check yes on any of these, then we have something for you here!

I am ready to increase my profits, and I know my website is holding me back. 

I want a website as unique as my brand. I'm ready to stand out from the crowd. 

I needed a new website… like, yesterday. 

I don't have the time or budget to hire a custom designer.

I am OVER all those lame templates where nothing is actually customizable. 

Let's just say I'm not the queen/king of technology... I need something easy to use! 

I'm a serious business owner, but I also LOVE to have fun!

What They're Sayin'

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- Dusti Beard

"These templates are gorgeous, easy to use, edit, manage, and update, and I'm so pleased with Elizabeth's warmth and friendliness. She is a joy to work with!"

- katy harvey,  R.D. 

“I’m confident that my new website is going to help me grow my business, and I have Elizabeth to thank for that!”

- candice coppola

"Elizabeth really took the time in each of her designs to make them stand out and the thing I appreciate most are the intentional areas throughout the templates- calls to action, motivations to purchase your product / service. Her template really elevated my website!

- Jena viviano, career coach

"I'm expecting the ROI on my new website to be huge. If nothing else, I'm infinitely more confident in my skills, what I'm providing and how I'm presenting myself compared to my competitors.


"We have been working with Squarespace for several years now and came to a point where the site design was too limited for what we needed. Showit has been able to expand our  designing options and offer us what we need!" 

- kitty, oh crumbs bakery

“I believe this is what my business NEEDS to get to the next step!”

- shanella kelly, life coach

"I love the Showit platform and it is going to be so easy going forward customize my website as I grow and expand in my business!"

- balinese ballroom

I have no doubt that we will be gaining a lot more business after brides see this site!”

- katy, the tidy cottage

"I definitely feel that this website will attract the customers my team and I are looking for. It represents my company so well!"

- lauren zoeller, coach

“I believe this updated brand and website will increase client revenue and will give me elevated credibility in the coaching industry!”

Meet Your Designer

I’m Elizabeth — the gal behind Elizabeth McCravy Designs.

I’ve worked with over 100 businesses to help them create and launch their own beautiful online homes. This shop was born out my desire to help more talented biz people build their own knockout websites at a lower price point and in less time. I combine marketing strategy, bold designs, and personality galore to create the lovely sites in this shop. I believe your website can be fun, while still being totally professional. You certainly won’t find any boring templates here. 

Other things you should know: I live in Nashville, TN with my husband, Adam. I eat pizza almost daily, read mystery novels like it’s my job, and if you ask me to hang I’ll probably suggest we go to a park. 

I hope you find the website of your dreams in this shop. It’s certainly here waiting for you. Happy shopping!

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