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It’s time for some serious marketing strategy! The title of this really sums it up: people don’t buy products and services, they buy results. In this episode, I explain this concept and share how you can start marketing the results you provide right now!  There is ALWAYS a result tied to your product, no matter […]

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I understand how it feels to be ignored in this noisy world. It’s a challenge to speak in a way that gets the attention of your dream clients. You have this great product or service, but you’re getting beat out by people who are able to communicate about their offer better.  Whether you’re a coach, […]

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As a new business owner, we often treat our business like a hobby unintentionally. Maybe your business even started as a hobby so treating it like one comes naturally. We desire to be a business owner, but we have bad habits that are keeping us stuck. We say things like “I’m just a freelancer” or […]

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What a fun project this was creating the custom branding and Showit website for this fabulous wedding photographer! I’m so excited to show you guys Ashley Mac’s new brand and website! Ashley is a wedding photographer based in central New Jersey who is CRAZY TALENTED! I have loved getting to know Ashley through our project. […]

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We’re talking all about how to land your first paying clients in your business, and I’m sharing all the details of where my very first clients originated from. If you’re just starting out, this episode will prepare you to be a lead generating machine! And, if you’ve been in business a while, but are struggling […]

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I’ve designed SO MANY websites and brands for women in the coaching industry. I never set out to be a “life coach website designer” by any means. But, one website led to another, and before you know it, I’ve done over 11 custom brands and websites for coaches in just around 16 months. Plus, 30+ […]

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