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Have you been on the hunt for a Showit template for brand designers? Look no further! I’m so excited to introduce Leith from Leithal and Co Designs who is a designer that customized her EM Shop Showit template to perfection for her design business.  Leith is a designer and branding consultant who empowers entrepreneurs by […]

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Well, we did it! 100 episodes! I would say I can’t believe that I have recorded this many episodes, but I absolutely CAN because I love this podcast. And this entire journey has been a blast! For this special episode, I asked my dear friend Jena Viviano to interview ME. Yep, we’re flipping the mic […]

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Ready to be a better leader in your business? Whether it’s just you right now, or you and a very small team… this episode has so many takeaways for you! I’m chatting with Tianna Tye – an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and Team Dynamics Consultant. As an online business owner herself who has lots of experience leading […]

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Today I’m sharing ONE simple strategy I’ve been using for months to create new habits in my life… In a little by little sort of way. It’s simple, yet powerful. I believe this episode will be the motivation you need as we move into a new year to really GO AFTER those crazy goals and […]

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Wondering what 2021 will bring for the online business space? Today I’m sharing my marketing predictions for 2021 that relate to your online business. I’ll also be sharing questions to ask yourself about each of these predictions to help you level up your business, and I’m sharing plenty of tips along the way!  As a […]

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You asked — I answered. In this podcast episode, I am asking the expert about all things CONTRACTS. The “legal side” of our business can feel totally scary. (Been there!) My hope is that this episode will ease some of those fears allowing you to get clarity on your biggest questions about using contracts for small […]

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