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I'm Elizabeth, and simply put, I design brands and websites. I mix in marketing strategy, personality galore, and tons of fun to create custom brands, custom websites, and website templates. These designs convert lookers into buyers and take the headache out of the design process. I believe your brand should be a knockout. I'll help you create a captivating + profitable online presence! Join me, won't you?!

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Repurposing Content + Marketing Your Course in 2023 with Angie McPherson

Reading Time: 11 minutes

I am so honored and excited for you to all hear this interview with a long-time listener: Angie McPherson! She’s an amazing brand photographer, an incredible educator for photographers, and an encourager for all creative business owners. On top of all of that, she’s really great at marketing which is what we are talking about today! If you are thinking about getting on Youtube, looking for what’s working when marketing your course or digital products in 2023, or need a little help loving Instagram again - this is the episode for you!

Angie and I met in real life at the Creative Educator Conference last month, and I got to sit next to her and chat with her all weekend long. She’s brilliant (just wait and see!). We started talking about marketing your course and what’s working in 2023, and she was literally in “cart open” mode DURING the conference. It was so fun seeing behind the scenes there as well! 

Spoiler alert: her launch went well - for a program that she launches ONCE A YEAR - and now she’s sharing her marketing genius on the podcast with us today!


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Introducing Angie McPherson: Our Marketing in 2023 Expert Today!

If you don’t know Angie yet, she’s a branding photographer for entrepreneurs and influencers, a marketing strategist, and a true hype woman for creatives. On the education side, she helps photographers pivot into branding photography or grow their businesses as branding photographers. Before she was a branding photographer, she was a marketing manager for a concert venue, which is such a cool transition honestly. She even said it was a dream job before she learned she could work for herself (which is obviously what we are all about over here!).

In her former 9-5, she was constantly creating and executing marketing plans. As she said in her interview, marketing to Beyonce fans was a lot different than marketing for a TV station. So she’s no stranger to pivoting. If you have more than one ideal client avatar, she’s got you. She’s had hundreds. I love how she brought that experience with her and shared "all the things" when it comes to marketing your course today!


marketing your course in 2023 an interview with Angie McPherson


Did you always know you would have an educational side to your branding photography business?

I am naturally a helpful person, so my DMs were blowing up with questions about my branding photography business. I started as a wedding photographer and pivoted into branding photography, so that’s what a majority of the questions were about. I realized I could essentially create a framework for what I did. I wouldn’t say it was easy, but it was fun. I started with a Beta group (of 30 photographers!) and went from there. The Beta group truly transformed what I thought the educational side of my business would be. 


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Did you charge for your Beta group?

I did! I wanted to prove what I was creating was something people would pay for. I think I was originally planning to sell my framework for $397 so I launched the Beta for $197 (if I am remembering correctly - it was about five years ago).


How did the course change after running your Beta program?

I had so many questions about the framework when I started: Should I run it live? Should I drip the modules? Should everything be prerecorded? Should I try to sell this evergreen?

At first, I recorded everything and people were loving it. But then… I wouldn’t hear from some of them! I thought if I dripped it, it would help hold them accountable and keep them “checking in” and working on things. It was also then I decided to launch it twice a year so I could make sure I was being super interactive with everyone in real-time too!

It always surprises people to hear this - but I create a new Facebook group for each iteration of the program. I love creating a community feel where we are all going through it together, and everyone is “new” at the same time. It’s a very high-touch program really!


I know you’ve given me some ideas for Booked Out Designer because right now I have everyone in the same Facebook group. You have an Alumni group after the program too, right?

Yes, so if they want to continue on after the program, for a small fee per month, they can be in one large alumni group. In there, everyone has completed the program, and it’s nice to have everyone there on the same page too.


I love that you basically have a “back end” membership after the course. Thinking about marketing your course or digital products in 2023… what are you seeing work well and what are you seeing that feels so outdated now?

People are getting personal! Back in the day, when I used to invest in courses personally, I felt like I didn't really get any type of face time with the instructor. It was just like they would launch the course, it would go into evergreen mode, and then they weren't really even active in the Facebook community. 

I feel like now I'm seeing more courses where people in their copy and their messaging that are advertising things like “this is a live course” or “I'm going to be with you every step of the way”. Sometimes you can even book a one-on-one call as a bonus. Things are getting more high-touch. To be fair, it could be because that’s what’s attracting me. I want to know if I'm investing in you, I can ask you a question, and I don't have to feel bad about it. I want to know that you're actually going to answer my question. 

As far as what's not working anymore, for me it’s really just the opposite. If the course creator has this huge team and I feel like I can’t get to them or ask a question, that’s not working for me.

But, to be fair, on the same note I will invest if their team is like a “team of experts.” I recently invested in something where they had an “ads expert” and a “copywriting expert,” for example. I see that as added value versus a barrier between the instructor and me. 

I agree - people are guarding themselves against the “bait and switch” where it looks like they have access to you, but they don’t. I also think it’s a great idea to include expert masterclasses when something is outside of your expertise too! Like I brought in my bookkeeper (and paid her to share her expertise!) in Booked Out Designer, and now it serves as an additional evergreen resource for future joiners of the program too.

Agreed - and people should use that when marketing your course too! If you have experts inside your course, use that when marketing your course in 2023. 


Let’s talk about Youtube - Why did you decide on Youtube as a marketing platform (compared to a podcast or something like that)?

The SEO from Youtube is gold. I accidentally bumped into that when I hired a videographer years ago to create three videos on branding photography and put them up on Youtube. Almost five years later, those videos are still being found on Youtube! People are still finding these old videos and I just keep the descriptions updated with where they can find me and how they can opt-in to my newsletter or join my Facebook group! Youtube is a huge driver to my email list (even from old videos!). It’s truly mindblowing.

I used to go live on Instagram once a week or every two weeks and would just repurpose them to Youtube and drive people who find me organically through search to my email list. Now, I’m repurposing my Instagram Reels to Youtube Shorts in the same way! It’s so random which ones will just take off. One of the Youtube Shorts I posted last week has surpassed videos I’ve had on there for YEARS. 


I had a similar experience with Youtube Shorts recently too. One of my repurposed Instagram Reels did better on Youtube than it did on Instagram which is crazy because I have a lot more followers on Instagram than I do subscribers on Youtube. 


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How do you download Reels without the watermark?

I will either save the video without sound and find the same sound on Youtube or other platforms or use something like InstaFinsta which will download it all for you.


Is there a length of video you are seeing work well on Youtube Shorts?

I try to get everything in within 5-15 seconds! If you can get the content in five seconds, it will often loop which will count as an additional view that boosts the algorithm too. Shorter and sweeter works!

It goes without saying it depends on your audience too. I know my audience loves humor, so I hop on trends a lot too! Always think about who you are targeting and what they are looking for/attracted to too.

I’m also seeing collaborations on Instagram working well too which I think is genius for your content too. You don’t even have to be in the same room to create content and invite someone to collaborate with Instagram anymore. 


How do you create cover art when you know the post is going to be a collaboration post?

I tried to make everything super curated in the beginning, but now I got kind of lazy with it and will honestly just use the most interesting part of the reel as the cover! It’s funny to say as a branding photographer but prioritizing your aesthetic is gone! 


I’ve seen the same as you, and on one hand, it is less work than creating beautifully curated feeds, and on the other hand, it means social media isn’t as easy to hand off to a social media manager as it once was! You need to be involved as an entrepreneur.


As a branding photographer, how do you feel about less curated feeds becoming more popular?

I love this question because I still believe effective branding photography is HUGELY important in 2023. Sometimes I think we forget that we don’t just run our businesses on social media. When I head to somebody’s website, I don’t want to see authentic Instagram photos, I want high-quality imagery that shows the person I might invest in has invested in themselves. 

The same goes for running ads. There is a place for ads that feel more authentic, but there is still a time and place when high-quality headshots and branding imagery are needed. Even on Instagram, you can make a reel out of still images or use branding images in between more “authentic” content.

Let’s not forget about product-based businesses too. High-quality, beautiful imagery still sells your products on social media. For branding photographers in my programs that feel like branding photography might be slipping away, I always ask them to consider: what can they be adding that people are needing? My clients are now paying me for b-roll footage and to create reels for them too during our photoshoots.


I agree with you - I have heard people speculate that more authentic images might end up trending on websites, but I personally don’t think it will!


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You have a diversified marketing strategy which I love. What do you consider to be the top of your funnel now?

I have a lot of free resources for branding photographers and am always sharing opt-ins to get people on my newsletter, whether they find me on Youtube, Instagram, or on Facebook. My main marketing objective is truly to get people on my email list throughout the year and then when I am getting ready to launch something, I will invite everyone to a masterclass (typically). During a launch, I will pimp out my website so that all roads then lead to that masterclass and I will put it on every page.

Then, in that masterclass, I don’t hold back. I have people who attend three years in a row before buying. It doesn’t bother me because I truly feel like a natural-born educator and I know what’s inside my course is even more valuable than anything I could share in a sixty-minute call. 

I also promote like crazy during that “launch” period, but I only get into “active sales mode” like that a maximum of three times a year. The other times I’m giving value and connecting with my audience. I know so many people who are always in sales mode or only show up when they are in sales mode. That’s not me! When you are selling, be all in. But you don’t have to be selling all year round!


I love that the webinar model has worked so well for you as I’ve seen it work for me too (but I’ve only done it once or twice!). I do pretty simple email launches most of the time because webinar launches are more work, but they are definitely effective.


Speaking of posting and ghosting… you are so good at showing up on social media! What strategies do you use (and what’s your mindset around non-sleazy sales)?

The more you allow yourself to get in your head about it, the less genuine you’ll show up. When you focus on the people you want to show up for and not just as a sales tool, it becomes a lot easier. 

For ideas, I look in Facebook groups to see what people are struggling with. I try not to look at social media as just a lead generation tool, but instead as a tool to help people. I also share bits of my personal life to stay top of mind too. Just share about your life (whatever you are comfortable sharing - of course!). And be helpful! Focus on building relationships, and you’ll grow a community of raving fans so when you are selling, it doesn’t feel hard.


I love involving my community in the co-creation process too! It is a little bit strategic with timing, but I think our audiences love being involved in the process of creating something new.


You seem to genuinely love Instagram. I felt burnt out on it last year with my new mom life, personally. What advice would you give to someone who wants to enjoy it again?

One of the biggest keys to being successful on social media is truly to enjoy it. If it’s a chore or a task, it’s going to be hard to be consistent. For me, I do go through seasons where I feel burnt out, and when that happens, I try to make sure I’m being more intentional about the content that I am consuming and creating. If you aren’t into the voiceovers, don’t do it. If a certain brand or business is making you feel uninspired, unfollow. You don’t have to do anything. Do more (and consume more) of what you like!


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You market to two audiences: other photographers and people who need branding photos. I feel similar because I market to designers for my course Booked Out Designer, but then I market to business owners with my Showit Website Templates. How do you approach marketing to different audiences?

I’ve definitely gone through seasons. Right now, branding photographers are my “primary” audience, and other business owners are more of a secondary audience (but it hasn’t always been that way). With that in mind, I feel like my marketing to other photographers my branding photography clients almost see me as more of an authority, and it’s a way to market to them without marketing to them if that makes sense. So there IS an overlap! 

I also want to share photos of my branding photography clients to show the brand photographers who follow me that I am actually doing the thing. It’s why I would never split the two, personally.


Do you think there comes a time when your business should split into two accounts?

If your audience is completely different, yes. If you are looking to pivot, like I did when I went from wedding photography to branding photography, keep one account. If you want to keep serving two distinct audiences, create a separate account.


I go back and forth on this with myself personally too, but I feel like first, trying to be consistent on one account is hard enough at times, and two, when you have more of a personal brand, it feels harder to separate into just two different products/income streams. Ultimately, I felt like I didn’t want people who followed for me to need to find me in multiple places.


Rapid Fire Questions with Angie McPherson


What’s an unpopular opinion you have about online business course creation?

There is so much talk about hustle culture and work-life balance, but I believe it’s okay to have a season of hustle. During launches, I’m in hustle mode! To me, that’s okay for a season. 


How do you navigate seasons of hustle as a working mom? What are your working mom tips?

I have two boys (ages three and eight), and my biggest tip is to give yourself lots of grace. Try not to compare yourself to everyone else. Ask for help and support.


What’s a 2023 goal for you?

This is my tenth year in business, and one of my goals is to host an in-person branding photography workshop!


Did you enjoy this episode about marketing your course in 2023?

We talked a lot about marketing your course in 2023 (and marketing in general!) but I have to end with this - so much of selling your course happens on the sales page on your website. In my template shop, I have strategic and beautiful sales page templates for Showit. They can easily be integrated with your current website or used as a stand-alone website too. These one-page templates host everything you need to sell your course (or group program, or mastermind) and were designed with both my designer hat AND course creator hat on. With over 30 sections in each, these templates truly have everything you can think to possibly need.

No copywriter? No problem. There are copy prompts throughout, and in fact, I paid my copywriter to work on these templates for you so you would have everything you need to sell out your offers. Shop the sales page templates here (and use the code BBPODCAST for 10% off). Payment plans start at less than $100/month!

February 28, 2023

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I'm Elizabeth, and simply put, I design brands and websites. I mix in marketing strategy, personality galore, and tons of fun to create custom brands, custom websites, and website templates. These designs convert lookers into buyers and take the headache out of the design process. I believe your brand should be a knockout. I'll help you create a captivating + profitable online presence! Join me, won't you?!

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