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This Showit website template & blog is perfect for:
Coaches, Wellness Pros, Consultants, Yoga Teachers, and Personal Brands.

The Gabby Template is polished, lively, fun, and bold – just like your brand!

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The easiest website you’ve ever edited

Showit gives you the best of both worlds – professional design and ease of use. No coding, no tech tears, and all the customizations you could want.

Designed for coaches, wellness industry pros, and personal brands.

This template was designed with your niche in mind, so there’s already a spot for everything you need to show your clients! 

Lifetime support & video training course

You’re never on your own. Our customer service is fast, responsive, and friendly – and the Showit Blueprint Course shows you how to do everything with ease.

Creating your website doesn’t have to make you wanna pull your hair out. This customizable, professionally designed template is created to help you attract your DREAM clients. No code or advanced computer science degree required. Because we all know you didn’t start your business so you can spend hours on the internet trying to figure out how the heck to add a contact form to your website.

Pick a template, customize it, hit publish. It’s that easy. 

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* The sky's the limit! You can add as many pages to your Showit template as you want. Your Gabby template is designed to elevate your business & grow with you. 

Click each page to see it in action!


At EM Shop, we create our Showit templates to include everything. Each page in the demo? You’re getting it! These pages can be duplicated, edited, and refined to fill practically every website page need that exists. We don’t believe in cutting corners.

you're getting it all.

See real EM Shop customers’ websites in action and get inspired by what’s possible for your brand!

You would never know these websites are built from the same template…

— Megan V.

"The Gabby template was perfect for me, and Elizabeth's education course is amazing!"

"I felt my business come to life as filled in my information. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a beautiful site, and also to know how to work it!"

- Brittany S.

"My website makes me looks SO much more high end and put together than the one I was previously putting together on my own!"

"Truly, the entire experience blew me out of the water and I will recommend the EM Shop to everyone!!"

— Christine M.

"I honestly love the whole thing, from the moment I saw the template I knew it was me."

"You supplied me with all the tools I needed to build the site of my dreams, and all my clients love it! When I found my dream template (from EM Shop) and Showit, it was love at first sight. Not to mention I truly had fun creating and designing!"

- Lea L.

"This has been one of the best investments in my business. The template is beautifully designed and easily customizable."

"The Showit Blueprint Course was worth premium alone. I was impressed with the amount of content included, especially the SEO section. I feel like Elizabeth is just as invested in my site's success as I am!"

I love the template… but I’m not so sure about Showit.


Get to know more about this easy-to-use and beautifully customizable platform more and more business owners are moving to daily. See what the switch would look like if you’re moving from WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix – I’ve got all the details to share with you.

— Gretchen S.

“We have been working with Squarespace for several years now and came to a point where the Sqaurespace design was too limited for what we needed. We have loved working with the new platform! Showit has been able to expand our hosting and designing options and offer us what we need!”

- Lauren M.

"I feel much more ownership of my website and like I have the control to make changes and be creative. I was using WordPress before and it made me want to pull my hair out! Showit is way easier to use! I truly think my EM Shop template has been one of the best investments I've made so far for myself and my business. I feel so empowered and excited for what's to come!"

— Christine M.

"Previously I was using ProPhoto, and I loved the website. The problem was that it always took me hours trying to remember how to change the easiest of things or I had to reach out to my web designer to have things changed. When I found my dream template (from EM Shop) and Showit, it was love at first sight. Not to mention I truly had fun creating and designing!


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This unique template comes with an optional podcast site add-on! This template can be purchased as a full-site template, as a Podcasting template. Or, get it all for $197 extra!

Want a podcast template with that? Get an INCREDIBLE 17 page website that supports your business services & podcast!

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Show more frequently asked questions...

All you need is your EM Shop template and a Showit subscription to start. To bring your website live, you'll also need a domain name. That's it!

What else do I need to use the template?

That's absolutely OK. The content and photos in each template is simply a placeholder. All of the templates features the website pages and design options that every industry could need like an about page, blog, services page, contact page, etc. The filler content is just for fun! So, for example, if you’re a social media manager who fell in love with the Alice Mason photography template, go right ahead! 

What if the template I like doesn't match the industry I'm in?

Your template questions - answered.

You can customize everything you see … fonts, colors, images, words, text placement, video/image placement, you name it! You can also leave all the fonts and color settings if you like the vibe. 

How much can I really customize this?

No, this template works only with Showit, which is a mega blessing to you because Showit rocks. And, your blog will be on WordPress, but hosted by Showit. (Get 10% off here!)

If your current website is on another platform, such as Squarespace, you’ll start fresh in Showit and will be able to move over any images and words you choose as you customize your template. Showit will handle transferring your blog over.  

Can I use this template with Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc.?

Showit is the only true drag and drop website builder. It’s easy to use, even for the least techy people. It’s beautifully customizable, and the support is out of this world. [Read more about why I love Showit here!]

Why do you recommend Showit?

The templates are crazy easy to customize on your own. Yes, even if you’re terribly non-techy.
However, I do understand that sometimes people want a little extra help. Contact us and we'll connect you with a vetted designer who you can hire to custom your new template!

Can you set up the template for me?

Nope — that's a major perk of Showit! You'll leave your current website up at your domain name until you're ready to launch (whether it's on Wix. Squarespace, WordPress, or anywhere else).

You'll customize your template in a trial account of Showit, and you'll start paying Showit when you're ready to launch your site. Showit will help you with the nitty gritty work of connecting your domain name to your new website. Your current website will only go down when your new website goes live!

Does my current website have to be shut down while I'm building my website on Showit?

Yes! Whether you’ve always blogged on WordPress or are on another blogging platform, your blog will be moved over to WordPress. You’ll create and publish any blog content from there! The training course you receive with your template teaches everything you need to know about using WordPress. 

Will I blog on WordPress? How does blogging work?

Good stuff to know

Last thing...

Lifetime Access

to your template, template training course, and any updates added to your template!

Satisfaction Guarantee

I am putting the risk on ME! We offer a 60-day money back guarantee! 

Payment Plans

to match your budget! You still get the template immediately no matter which you choose.

And get a coupon code to save on your template purchase + Free Canva templates that match your style…

I’ve done the homework for you, so we can pair you with the templates that are designed to work best with your brand! Even if you know which one you love, you’re gonna want the coupon code you get from taking the quiz – everyone loves saving $$ and getting exactly what they want, right?!

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— Jessica B.

"I've purchased multiple website templates and this was the best experience overall. Purchasing this template was a complete package, with an awesome experience!"

Don't leave without your Gabby template!


Let's be friends, yo.

The Gabby Showit website template and blog is designed to be the best Showit website template for coaches. The Gabby Showit template is a high-impact, fun, and layered Showit template and blog with Showit podcast template pages too. This is the best Showit template for course creators, coaches, life coaches, bloggers, health coaches, digital product shops, yoga instructors, personal trainers, fitness coaches, business coaches, nutritionists, social media managers, course creators, photographers, virtual assistants, copywriters, stylists, podcasters, personal brands, and more. We've seen the Gabby template used so perfectly for a variety of industries. Plus, the Gabby template won 1st place in the Showit design competition for coaching website templates, so you KNOW it's gotta be good. In addition to this stellar template, you also get our A+ in-house customer support and a training course to teach you how to set up your site (exclusive to EM Shop). Get the Gabby template now to have the perfect Showit template for your coaching or course creation business!

More about the Gabby Showit Website Template for Coaches & Course Creators