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Is your current branding, website, or marketing holding you back from reaching the results you want in your business? Let's work together to turn your business into a more consistent, captivating, and profitable brand.

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Turn your business into an elevated brand with my signature service - a custom designed brand and website. 

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Shop the pre-made, customizable Showit5 website templates.  They are easy to use, strategically-designed, and created to help you book more clients FAST.  

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— val martin, life coach

"Elizabeth's templates are an incredible offering. If you want to look like you spent $5k+ on a custom website, with a fraction of the investment, buy one of her templates." 

— gretchen saffles, well-watered women

 “Working with Elizabeth has been nothing short of a gift and blessing to our company! From her streamlined process to her one-on-one client attention, Elizabeth will be able to take your vision and make your brand come to life!”

— amber housley, business coach

"If you are looking to position yourself as the go-to person in your industry, a website designed by Elizabeth is going to help you get there faster!"


"The process has been beyond seamless, ahead of schedule and eye-opening. I would pay her double what she charged!"

— kyra cosman, wellness coach

"Elizabeth's templates really have that personal touch and it's clear that every detail has been well thought out. I had done a ton of research on templates for Showit and I can honestly say that none compared to EM Shop."

— Brittany Krupnik, blissful design studio

"Not only are Elizabeth's templates beautiful and fully customizable to you and your business, but they convert! She gives you all of the tools and support that you need and she really cares about your business and how her templates can help transform it."

— LUPE PRADO, executive coach

"Elizabeth has EXCEEDED all of my expectations. It has been so easy! I have had no issues editing and customizing because it is so intuitive to use. I can honestly say that I am proud of my website and that it was a smooth process."

— angel scott, personal trainer

“Why on earth didn’t I do this sooner?! I love that all the cool stuff is already there and I get to use my own creativity to add what I want." 

— balinese ballroom, wedding venue

“I have no doubt that we will be gaining a lot more business after brides see this site. Our site was in desperate need of TLC and Elizabeth completely turned it around for us!”

— candice Coppola, author & wedding planner

"Elizabeth has such a natural design eye and it shows at all the thoughtfulness she placed in the design. Since I know a bit about SEO, I also checked out how she had the template structured in the "back-end" and guys-- these templates are SEO ready and friendly."

— LESSIE BLUE, photographer

"Elizabeth was a huge help throughout the process and even provided videos explaining the process of putting together the template and making it your own! I can tell that Elizabeth put her very soul into designing these beautiful templates. It was the easiest and most put together template I've ever had!"

— brittany krupnik, blissful design studio

“I wasn’t expecting someone to come alongside me in this process the way that Elizabeth did. It was like having a business coach, copywriter and designer all-in-one.”

— Heather Tusing, wedding venue owner

"I am in love with my new site, and the feedback from my current couples has been so complimentary! I can't wait to see where this new website takes my business this year!"

— mandy liz, photographer

"I love Elizabeth's template shop because it has made it possible for me to have a website infused with her marketing strategies and gorgeous design ideas at a reasonable price!"

— kyra cosman, wellness coach

"Before buying this template, I knew my website really needed work so I would always be hesitant to give out the link. Now, I'm so proud of it and I love sending people to check it out."

— Lori Young, virtual assistant

"I think my new website will attract a different and more upscale clientele. I also think it does a much better job of selling what I do. This new website kicks my brand into high gear!"

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