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If you’re a mom to little’s who wants to start a business or you’re a mom already with a business trying to figure out how to grow your business while still prioritizing your family, this episode is for you! I’m chatting with the lovely Amy Hanneke of Hello and Co Creative. Amy is a brand […]

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Today, I have a special episode in store! This is an interview I did with Becky Hoschek on her podcast Beyond, which is a show for moms called to business. Becky and I have known each other for ages because she was actually one of my first template customers and then I was one of […]

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Hi friends! I’m so excited to share Ethan’s birth story with you! I’m a new mom again (and we are officially a family of four). Baby number two, Ethan Daniel McCravy, is absolutely so wonderful and amazing and it’s been fun doing this all again (but with more experience than my first go around).  If […]

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Today, I’m doing something NEW on the podcast. I don’t think I’ve ever shared an interview from another person’s podcast with you, but this episode from Mara Kucirek’s podcast (Create a Better Course) was so good that I knew I wanted to share it with you today. If you want to see the nitty-gritty behind […]

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I’ve been producing The Breakthrough Brand podcast for over 5 years now, and let me tell you, it’s become one of my absolute favorite parts of my business! Funny enough, I  was re-listening to an old podcast episode to prepare myself for a speaking engagement earlier this week (at the time of recording), and I […]

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Hey mama, this episode is for you. It can be a lot to be juggling work, motherhood, no matter how many kids you have, how old they are, what type of work you do, how much childcare you have or don’t have, it doesn’t matter. I often have moments now as a mom (which I’ve […]

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