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Let’s talk about having a word of the year for your business! I’ve alluded to having a word of the year (I actually had THREE words of the year) on the show many times so if you’re a regular listener, you’ve heard me talk about this already but today I’m sharing WHAT those words are, […]

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So you bought a website template, maybe during Black Friday, maybe earlier today, or maybe months ago, and you just haven’t started yet. As a non-designer, I know that customizing a website template can feel overwhelming. Let’s be real, even for designers with programming and design skills, it can still feel like a really big […]

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As a designer, I absolutely love talking about SEO, and I incorporate SEO strategy into every template and website I design. It might surprise you, but before you even input your own information, a website template can already be SEO-friendly or be a disaster that you’ll have to fix later. While most SEO strategies are […]

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Hey! Today, I have an amazing guest, Colie James. I’ve known her online for years, and we finally got to meet in person at a conference in January. She’s absolutely wonderful, inspiring, and incredibly knowledgeable about systems and all things business. I can’t wait to share her brilliance on the podcast today! A little bit […]

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We all have those days where we reach the end and think, “Wow, that was an awesome day!” Or maybe it’s more like, “Wow, that day really sucked. I’m ready for a fresh start tomorrow.” Often, we just move on without asking ourselves what made the day good or bad. We might acknowledge it if […]

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As you think about starting a podcast, you might have hesitations and questions like: do I have time for it? Who am I to start a podcast? Do I have anything to say that people would actually want to hear? Is the tech going to overwhelm me too much? Will I even enjoy podcasting? What […]

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