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I’ve been a guest on MANY podcasts at this point over the last 7 years of owning my business. I still remember being absolutely terrified before my first interview. I came prepared with about 4 pages of outlined notes and had literally rehearsed answers to the questions I knew I’d be asked! Not kidding! Who […]

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I have to be honest with you: this blog post has been on my heart (and in my iPhone notes) for a while now. In the online space, and especially in what I’m calling “girl boss” business culture, it’s always a little bit uncomfortable to share truly unpopular opinions. But these are some of the […]

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We all want to write copy that actually connects with our readers, right? Whenever we sit down to write something for our business, we are hoping our writing is intriguing enough that it captures our ideal clients attention, keeps them reading until the end, and then ultimately leads them to buy. But when it comes […]

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Today on the podcast, we are talking about becoming wealthy women. To be honest, I don’t believe this is talked about enough. So often, the focus is simply on making more money but what happens after that? After you pay yourself, what do you do with that money? I interviewed Erinn Bridgman, who has built […]

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Happy almost Mother’s Day to you! Even if you are reading this after Mother’s Day, I want to wish you a happy day of being a mom! I’ve never done a Mother’s Day encouragement episode on the podcast before, but I’ve had a note on my phone for a while now filled with some random […]

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Have you ever wanted to peek behind the scenes of a super successful physical product business? Today’s episode is your opportunity! I’m chatting with my friend, Amy Gabriel, the creator of LippyClip about how she turned a $10 product into a full-time business that today employs more than a dozen women. Plus, in 2021, she […]

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