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Who this course is for...

* I've got a secret. * I'm creating a new course all about teams.

The Soloprenuer Who Needs Some Help — From 0 to 1

You’re ready to go from solopreneur to working with a team, and you need guidance on how to find your first hire, train them, and then put them to work in your business by delegating and leading. This course will take you from solopreneur to a delegation queen! 

The CEO Who Already Has a Small Team, but Wants to Take it to the Next Level 

You already have a small team, but you want to be a fly on the wall and see how I handle scaling with a team! You want to feel more confident as a leader, gather new ideas, and polish up things. You’ll leave this course with an extra boost (ok like 100 boosts) of confidence, new found systems and leadership skills, and a plan to take your team to the next level. 

The Business Owner Who is Sick of Doing It All 

Your to do list is as overwhelming as a Cheesecake Factory menu — between balancing parenthood, your business, and maybe even ANOTHER job… you’re struggling to scale. You don’t know WHAT exactly you need, but you know you need some help. This course will guide you through your next steps.

The Amazing Human Who Has Simply Been Waiting for Me to Make a Course for Them

Hello to you, you beautiful Breakthrough Brand Podcast listener! You love the show and you’ve been begging me to create a way to go deeper that isn’t just a course for designers. Well, here ya go! This course isn’t my first, and it won’t be my last. But, I’ve chosen the topic of teams to tackle right now because I believe this is a KEY thing to sustainably scaling your business.

In fact, if you’re like most online businesses, a team of just 2-4 contractors is perfect. So why is everyone only teaching how to build teams that would give Jeff Bezos a run for his money?

I’m Elizabeth, and I built my million dollar business with 2 key team members (who are both contractors) and about 5 other contractors we work with consistently.

In this course, I’m teaching you exactly how to build your very own small but mighty team. We’re covering everything from deciding what roles to hire for, creating your job posting, interviewing candidates, job proposals, team meetings, remote team communication and more. Let’s build your remote dream team of contractors and scale your business. 

You don’t need a huge team with full-time employees to make an impact in your business and take things off your overwhelming to-do list.

what this course definitely isn't...

This course is not your guide to hiring W-2, full-time employees. 

The “mega team” is what most hiring and team resources focus on, but what I’ve found is that for most online businesses, we actually just need a small team of remote contractors to get the job done! I’ll teach you how to hire, train, and lead a team of remote or local contractors where you all can work from home in your yoga pants. (or, no pants… because hey, it’s a Zoom meeting.) 

This is not a “how to get cheap labor by hiring  overseas” course.

Yep. I said it. Too many online businesses are built on exploiting $1/hour Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. That’s not what this course is about. I’m teaching you how to build your incredible remote team of contractors (likely based in your country) with fair pay. 

This course isn’t high level theories about creating culture, more junk to put on your to do list, or cheesy acronyms about leadership. 

This is the real deal, stripped down stuff you need to hire and lead your dream team. And then… you can get back to your kids, that Netflix show, and finally take a laptop-free vacation. I believe less is MORE when it comes to teams. I'll show you how.

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