It’s time to FINALLY always know your numbers. 

Do you know your profit margin? 

… How much money you’ve paid yourself this year as the CEO?

… What about how much you’ve spent in quarterly taxes this year?

As business owners, we can often end up in the dark on this important $$ stuff, but knowing your finances is a KEY to running a successful business. 

Profit Sheet helps service-based businesses track your finances & truly know your numbers.

Revenue and expenses month over month
→ Quarterly profit margins
→ Retained earnings
→ Tax savings and quarterly tax payments
→ How much you pay yourself, Ms. CEO
→ Average profit and expenses for the year
→ Total annual revenue, expenses, and profit
→ How your numbers compare month-over-month to the year prior

with profit sheet you can track:

Video training on Elizabeth’s favorite business credit cards, banks, investing, and health insurance recommendations for entrepreneurs 

bonus training!

A video training with Elizabeth on how to set up and utilize your Profit Sheet

video tutorial

in Google Sheet form (you can convert to excel if you prefer!) 

the profit sheet

What's included...

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Questions you may have...

Yep! It will be delivered to you as a Google Sheet, and that is how I personally use it. However, you can download it as an excel or CSV file and use it that way instead. 

Can I use Profit Sheet with excel?


I created Profit Sheet for myself when I first started my business 6 years ago. If you've listened to the Breakthrough Brand Podcast, then you've heard me talk about my amazing financial spreadsheet for well over a year. My team and I get messages ALL THE TIME asking to buy this spreadsheet. I cleaned up my version of it to be user-friendly for you and created a video to show you HOW to use it... and here we are!

How did you come up with this?


Yes, you'll just use it a little differently! If you run a higher transaction business (whether on the revenue or expenses side), you won't want to enter each individual transaction into the sheet. However, you can do the overarching numbers, and then use Profit Sheet to track things like paying yourself, profit margins, quarterly tax savings and the overall health of your business. For reference, my business will do more than half a million this year, with a lot of transactions, and I still use Profit Sheet. 

Will this still help me if I have a lot of monthly transactions?


I honestly think all businesses can! But, this was created with service-businesses in mind so that you can forecast your revenue based on client payment plans. This is perfect for photographers, designers, virtual assistants, copywriters, coaches, and more.

P.S. My husband and I use this for our real estate business too! 

What types of businesses will benefit from this?


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