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Today we’re diving into a MUCH requested topic — the visual side of your marketing and business — a.k.a. the images and videos you use on your website and throughout your marketing. This is so important, right? We know that. We are visual creatures and that is true now more than ever. Gone are the days where […]

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Rest as business owners for Christmas

Today’s blog post is a fun friend-to-friend chat about Christmas, and I am certainly bringing Christmas ENERGY in this blog. I’m a “Christmas person,” and I typically start getting excited about Christmas in July (not kidding). But let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Rest as business owners for Christmas can be challenging. There’s […]

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what makes a great website

What makes a great website? What makes a dud? Besides all the obvious things like don’t make your text too small, don’t use 1,000 fonts at once and things like that… What are the major keys?! No matter what you do in your work, if you have a website, you should ask these questions. Today […]

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I’ve got a quick tip for you today about your sales page and one thing you should probably stop saying on yours. This thing you’re saying might be hurting the potential customer experience and is a lazy marketing habit. It’s a simple change — it will take you just minutes, but will make an impact in […]

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Today’s interview with Angela is fun, inspiring, and full of wisdom about life and business. So, friends, meet Angela Brown — she’s a talent brand and portrait photographer based in Brighton, Michigan. She was a wealth advisor for 25 years before doing a 180 on her career to become a photographer — proving it’s never […]

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This blog post is the short encouragement that maybe you need today, and it is the encouragement I’ve needed a lot in my season of business. And that is that it’s OKAY not to be growing your business. It’s ok to stay put. It’s ok to even “go backward.” It’s ok to say no to […]

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