Want to know the hard truth about building a successful design business? 

Being a great designer just isn’t enough 

So, you’re a designer, and hey, you’re a GREAT designer...

But all you hear are crickets. And what you want is more dream clients, a consistent stream of income, and a community that’s ready to buy. 

I get it. I’m a designer too, and I want to teach you how to build a thriving, money-making design business that keeps you booked out, not burnt out. 

What You’ll Learn Inside Booked Out Designer:

course overview

Magnetic marketing principles to create your biz foundation
→ The secret to influencing and attracting quality clients

→ Crafting an irresistible offer 

→ Creating a streamlined content marketing strategy

→ Building an authentic personal brand

Marketing Your Design Business 

module one

→ What do you want to be known for? (Create a custom niching plan!)

→ Attract your ideal, qualified client

→ Creating a sales page for your service that converts

→ Optimized testimonials and expert portfolio strategy

Your Niche and Website

module TWO

→ Getting high-quality referrals from other designers and creatives

Visibility blueprint – how to get in front of the right people

Non-creepy networking on Instagram and in Facebook Groups

Pitches that will land you podcasts, speaking opportunities, and guest blogging offers

→ Networking in-person at events (this will be a thing again soon!)

Networking to Book Clients

module three

→ Create a compelling Instagram profile people want to follow

→ Share your personal life and keep your boundaries

→ Plan all of your Instagram content for the whole month... in one sitting!

→ PLUS! Get your Instagram profile audited by Elizabeth!

Marketing on Social Media 

module four

→ Principles of profitable pricing

My pricing system revealed: The all-inclusive package

→ Create a transparent pricing model… and why it matters

→ How to confidently raise your prices and still make sales

Pricing for Profit 

module five

Responding to client inquiries with confidence

→ Different methods for booking clients: From waitlists to quick schedules

→ Preparing for and executing discovery calls

→ My complete client booking process from start to finish 

Discovery Call Sales Script – How to seal the deal

→ Major Discovery Call mistakes to avoid

Making the Sale

module six

→ Recognize high-paying clients and learn how to serve them

→ Clearly communicating expectations and boundaries with clients

Doing the project: Getting feedback as you design, building timelines, and creating a seamless client experience

→ Giving meaningful client gifts that don’t break the bank

→ How to use your last project to book the next

Creating a Wow-Worthy Client Process

module seven

→  Must-have contract clauses for smooth projects

→  Financial foundations: Bookkeeping and accounting

→  Recommended credit cards, banks, and insurance companies

→  How to streamline and track your finances

→  What to do with your money: Tithing, saving, investing, and budgeting

→  Design Integrity: Real inspiration v. copying

Business Foundations

module eight

Real Client Calls with Elizabeth + Clients 

module nine

Discovery Calls: Watch me book an $11,000 project on a Discovery Call!

Client videos: See how I communicate with clients throughout the design process

Client meetings: Kick-off calls, wrap-up calls, and website training calls!

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