Most of us have a love/hate relationship with good ole’ Instagram. We love to scroll, but hate to post… especially for our business. It’s no fun when you post and hear crickets, or when you just CANNOT think of what to say. 
That’s where this guide comes in to help save the day! 

This is your guide book for everything relating to Instagram posting! We start by choosing the photo and go all the way to posting it. In this guide, I’ll be referencing Planoly as the main tool to use to plan, schedule, and publish to Instagram. I love Planoly because they have incredible features, it’s easy to use, and they have a FREE version! However, you don’t need Planoly to use these tips and strategies. There are tons of great social media apps out there that can do similar things! 

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Planning Guide

Alright, let’s dive in! We are about to totally change your Instagram game plan!! 

Get the guide that will help you plan your Instagram posts from start to finish! 

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