Branding is about SO much more than design. Yet, sometimes we think that the process of creating a memorable brand should be JUST about the visuals. What colors? What fonts? What vibe?

In order to create a truly remarkable brand that can represent (and grow with) your business for years to come, you need to dive deeper. If you have a pretty logo with no purpose or depth behind it, then that’s all you have - a pretty logo. That’s why in my process for design both brands and websites, I utilize a questionnaire I’ve been developing and refining since starting my business. I call this lovely form the “Brand Strategy Questionnaire." All my clients receive this form upon booking with Speak Social and are required to complete it before our project start date.  

The questionnaire currently has over 35 questions designed to help you (as the business owner) and me (as the designer) understand the WHY behind your brand. I always get positive feedback that it helps my clients think differently and deeper about their brand design. This is the perfect formula to create a remarkable brand that TRULY speaks to your ideal client.

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